Sample sale! Everything at $28 usd!! Here!
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Gold leather ankle boots size 7 US / 37 Eur in stock, ready to ship! Here!
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Some pics that our customers shared on instagram with the tag #goldenponies, share yours!! <3

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SALE! Price down! $30 usd and ready to ship, new flatform oxfords with faux animal print fabric. Leopard print version here!
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New holographic mirror backpack satchel, only on etsy!
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Hello there!

Just a quick note to let you know that all who interested in adquire our products in wholesale, now we are offering it, please send us an email to: for more details and info!

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This pastel duo oxfords and much more are on the sample sale at $28 usd!
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Oxblood red leather ankle boots, available now at the shop!
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SALE! More shoes added to the sample sale! 
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We are obsessed with our new Biba mary janes in gold and silver!
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